WELCOME! Why do 80% of Small Business FAIL?

Sadly, 80% of small businesses fail according to Bureau of Labor and Statistics. And U.S. Businesses are increasingly facing a Global Business War that they cannot win against. That is 8 out of 10 businesses failing within two years!

Hi, my name is Amy Keely and I am a CEO, Professor and Award-Winning Marketer and I've spent over 20 years in the corporate world watching billion-dollar companies exploiting globalism to grow even larger. Conversely, small American business owners are forced to use the resources in America.

Traditional small businesses CANNOT win in this market place! Hence the astronomically high failure rate.

A further travesty is that even the Small Business Administration (SBA) doesn't understand the high failure rate for small businesses but they can quote some "wow" statistics. But I do, because I've own a small business.

For example, Forbes quotes the SBA statistics on small businesses as:

  • Less than 500 employees

  • There are almost 28 Million small businesses operating in America

  • Over 50% of the population works for a small business (120 Million workers)

  • 65% of the new jobs are created by small businesses

  • 52% are home-based companies

And yet, a majority of these businesses are MICRO BUSINESSES with only one (1) to five (5) employees.

And YET, it costs more to do business than ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

  • I KNOW, I teach HR classes in college and have worked in the HR industry! For example, in the U.S. if you need to hire workers, you must pay Minimum wage of $8.65 per hour.

  • I KNOW, because in the corporate world, large corporations can open a manufacturing plant in China with workers making $.20 per hour working a 100 work week or Mexico were they make $1.26 per hour. I've called my colleagues to gather data for sales quotes! And before you defend these low pay rates by saying "they feed and house them" imagine a shanty town and being yanked out of your bed at 3am to hit the production floor. It is not how YOU live in the richest country in the world!

I make all my college students watch this "eye popping" video to better understand the Global Marketplace as a way to level set. It is the best one hour and thirty five documentary, to explain what I've seen in the corporate world.

The Business of Counterfeiting Documentary


So I've started this blog to take all the billion dollar corporate knowledge in my head, and pass that along to small business owners to help them survive. Because they CAN succeed, but they must work smarter to compete.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and I've also created webinars for small business owners who don't have the time to leave their businesses to go take college classes.

I want to help.

Thanks! Amy


-U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Forbes.com


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