Your Brain is WIRED a certain way

I teach at both a business college and a creative art college. And the difference in how my students think are like NIGHT and DAY!

It is with this greater understanding that I started to look at friends, family, employees and colleagues in order to instantly tell how their brain is wired. Importantly, I immediately adjust how I communicate with them based on how they think!


I hired a seamstress to help me create my fashion designs because after watching "Valentino the Last Emperor" I realized that I don't have to sew to design. Great, right? Wrong. I went through FIVE seamstresses because they were late for meetings, their work was sloppy or they would forget to bring all their tools. I was baffled! I had assumed that they were like Engineers because their work required precision and exact measuring! Wrong. They mostly have creative "inventor/artist" brains and they are cluttered messy, lose track of time, procrastinate and more. My current seamstress and I have become great friends and colleagues because I have learned how to work with how she thinks. For example, I also routinely reject work that is not up to my perfectionist standards and she is not offended by the re-do.


I tell people we would be billionaire's five times over if my dad could just figure out how to get one of his "ideas" from concept to marketable product. The reason why my dad has not been able to do so is highlighted by the condition of my dad's garage. Growing up, I called it the "black hole" because it was so messy. I constantly ridiculed him for not being able to keep it clean and how much money he wasted having to keep buying something he couldn't find. But after six years of teaching, I now see my dad for how he thinks. Armed with my new insight into the creative brain, I went back and apologized. Because now I understand that my need for order, actually creates chaos in his world. In a strange way, he is somewhat organized and knows where almost everything is located even if it is not neat and labeled in section containers. As an organize freak, I could not wrap my head around the inability to find something easily. In my world, time is money, and every second I spend looking for something is like flushing money down the toilet.

These case studies highlight what I've learned and that is that the Creative Brain MUST be respected even if it is different than my own way of thinking. Artists and Inventors are they way they are - because of how they think!!

In each case, I was able to let them know that I did not judge them for how they think and that if they ever wanted my help to organize - I would be there as support. Ironically, both have invited me in their world to help them.

BUT, beware! You must listen to them because if you build an "organizational system" that is not easy for THEM to use, they will not use it. And be prepared, because they will become unorganized again at some point. Better mentally realize this now and save yourself the "you wrecked what I created" conversation in the future. This is how their brain's work!

That is one of the major reasons why these types of brains get re-cluttered again is because "how" something is organized is not easy for them to follow and they don't think in terms of being organized.

So this is one of my key components to success. Know Thyself!

In my case, I am a creative person BUT I have spent decades teaching myself to think business analytically and counter to how my brain is wired.

Because once you understand how you think, you can either create a plan to make changes OR find someone to work with who complements you! So if you are unorganized - partner with someone who IS organized!

I shared this philosophy in a class once along with one of my observations which is that most married people partner with people who are their opposites. My parents did! One of my students looked at me dumbfounded. He came up to me after class and shared that he and his wife were complete opposites and he now realized that he could use her skill sets to help him build his business.

I said yes, BUT make sure you have an operating agreement for how you will resolve disputes because you WILL have disputes. It is important to always respect someone even if they think differently than you; it is always important to cherish your family relationships over business. So for example, if you play in a band, yes you are the artist who creates the music and yes, the music doesn't happen without you. BUT if no one hears your music, you are ineffective in making music as a business. So the artistry is important but so is the person who provides the business expertise.

Because at the end of the day, I will repeat myself by saying that family is more important than business. And you must always remember this when working with family members! It can be done and I have a Personality Test that I give all my students and employees to help you better understand how you think. I have found it AMAZING for helping me understand myself and I've found it does the same with my employees and students.

Visit my website at to sign up for my "Creative vs Analytical" Brain eClass or download my eWorkbook with tools and techniques.


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