Helping People LOVE What They DO - Is My Destiny!

I left the corporate world for a reason in order to teach and consult. Why? To give people a fighting chance against the large corporate conglomerates that steal ideas, have more money to spend to win the marketing war against a small business, but most importantly....

To help people escape the jobs they dislike and move into careers they LOVE!

Steve Jobs said it best, "If you find what you love to do, you will never work a day in your life".

I have found that to be true. I get two (2) to six (6) hours asleep a night working on my business and figuring ways to help my friends and clients.

And thinking as I do, is the complete opposite of how they think in the corporate world. In the billion dollar companies I've worked for, your colleagues and "friends" are more likely to steal your ideas and stab you in the back for a raise or promotion. Why?

Because, as you move up the corporate pyramid, there are less higher paying management jobs but more people looking to win those jobs.

And as a smart and hard working person, I didn't always get those jobs. Why? Not because I wasn't more qualified, but because someone played the "networking" game better than I did. So it IS who you know that moves you up the chain. And I'm not willing to suck up to someone I don't like or respect - just for a higher paying job. Call me stupid but my integrity kicks in at that point.

And as you move up the chain, you have things known as "electronic tether" so that now you are ALWAYS connected and ALWAYS working. And you are judged in your job performance how much you work after the standard work day or week!

I left one six figure job because I was camping in the wilds of northern Michigan with my family, sitting around a campfire, working on my laptop and plugged into the Internet on an air card. My family on the other hand, were sharing stories, cooking food in the fire pit, laughing and getting much needed "downtime" from work.

Another time, I was in India getting two hours of sleep because of being at meetings in India (with a 12 hour time difference) while holding my same U.S. meetings. I was exhausted but still laying in bed conducting phone conference calls.

So helping people come up with a business or product idea that can help them hit the escape button is what I feel I am destined to do!

So if you follow my blog or ask questions, I am willing to provide you with some limited help where I can. But for full consultations, it may require some time so I can learn more about:

a) who you are

b) what you love to do

c) what are your skills and experiences so far

d) how can you take your current knowledge and blend it into a business that you will love

I've done this for friends and colleagues and I can do it for you and any of your friends or family that you may recommend. I'll share some of my specific "HELP" stories and case studies on other blogs!

You can reply to this blog OR go to my website at and send me an email message about where I can help.

I truly want to help you love what you do every day and earn money while doing it!


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