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Sharing Advocacy/Caregiving Knowledge

Its a broken mental health system, managing broken people too often by broken professionals. Mental health is profoundly broken. We all hear about it, and perhaps  have brushed up against it at times.  If mental health is the imparement of cognitive abilities, it includes Alzheimer's as a dementia, depression, anxiety and more.


However, Professor Keely has been down a rabbit hole by using her organizational efficiency lens to address serious gaps that has allowed her to see that the mental health system is more schzophrenic than those people in their system.  Professor Keely is writing a book about her qualitative observational research using her unique perspective. In the meantime, she is lecturing with the hopes of pushing for real change by understanding the root cause and offering caregivers with knowlege that can offer some guidance.

Psychology Session

Depression, Anxiety and Substance Abuse

Wow. This is all Professor Keely can say after spending  over a year as an mental health advocate for a Millennial. This shed light on the broken system that afailes to provide continuity of care because they can make more money working the system. The research shows why there is a difference between behavioral mental health lack of coping skills and mental halth with a chemical imbalance were medication is the only solutioon. She has read the Health Code and Mental Health Code and the few mental healht professonals that 'get it'. This series is designed to help shed light on the problem and help people navigate it with the purpose of helping caregivers cope and navigate teh broken system successfully.

Professor Keely with her Mother at a nursing home playing "Old Maid" in the final stages of Alzheimer's with Sundowners

Alzheimer's vs. Alzheimer's with Sundowners

Professor Keekly's grandmother and mother had Alzheimer's. Now on a mission to improve tthe system and quality of life for patients and their caregivers.  Her mother's Sundowners was vastly different. Amy observed 'memory care facilities' being too focued on money, treating fragile minds like aggressive criminals and improperly trained staff. Professor Keely's mother was treated as such. This qualitative research reveals  misconceptions, mistreatment and misunderstanding about the disease. Failure of the mental health system help fracture families due to stresses in caring for their loved ones plus fighting a broken system. This series helps educate caregivers how to 'work the system' in their favor and caregiving  tips and tricks.

ALZ General_Poster_AMYJKEELY.jpg
Professor Keely's
Speaking Engagement at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference
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