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Overall Focus Knowledge Areas

Professor Keely's award-winning market research skills have allowed her perspective to conduct primary observational and qualitative research in many areas, guided by her instincts. She shares these in speaking engagements, workshops, roundtables, and annual meetings as a keynote speaker, panelist, and executive coach.

Lessons from the 1st Female Engineer at GM

My mother was the first female engineer at GM and I share what I have learned - positive and negative. The learning lessons are designed to empower women in business,  plus how working parents can enhance interaction with their children.

Managing a 4-Generational Workforce

The challenges of 4-generations in the workforce are only now becoming apparent and will continue to grow. this series discusses information about each generational demographic and the war going on inside companies and society.

What is Marketing, Really?

In the age of marketing bombardment, how do you create integrated branding while building a company and a staff of trusted advisors? Especially if you are a small business. This series also addresses how to develop and innovate your brand so it becomes easily recognized in a sea of logos and campaigns.

Mental Health Advocacy and Caregiver Advice

Working as a health advocate, it has become clear what is dysfunctional about the health system. This speaking series is about how to prepare health advocates to navigate the broken system. What is broken is the business side of medicine and abuses of the legal system in violation of patient rights.

Efficiency Hunter - Time Really Equals Money!

For decades, the US government has been pumping money and knowledge resources into small businesses. However, the SBA says that 31% of small biz will fail in two years. So money isn't the answer. This series discusses 10 key success areas and shares the success secrets that created Fortune 500 companies.

HR- Related Knowledge Areas

Employee management is tricky so getting behind the eight ball is damaging to an organization. This series covers many HR-related areas from employee onboarding, management, and professional development training. Provided are a unique lens given Professor Keely has taught HR classes and spent 20 years working in the staffing/workforce management industry.

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