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Generational Workforce

The challenges of 4-generations in the workforce are only now becoming apparent and will continue to grow. this series discusses information about each generational demographic and the war going on inside companies and society.

Caregiver Advocacy

Working as a health advocate, it has become clear what is dysfunctional about the health system. This speaking series is about how to prepare health advocates to navigate the broken system. What is broken is the business side of medicine and abuses of the legal system in violation of patient rights.

Business Marketing

In the age of Marketing Bombardment, how do you create integrated branding that builds your company and staff as trusted advisors. This series also addresses how to develop and innovate your brand so that it can get recognized in a sea of logos and campaigns.

First Female GM Engineer

My mother was the first female engineer at GM and I share what I have learned - positive and negative. The learning lessons are designed to empower women in business,  plus how working mothers can enhance interaction with their children.

Operational Efficiency

For decades, the government has been pumping money into small businesses however the DOJ says that 8 out of 10 will fail in two years. So money isn't the answer. This series discusses what large corporations know that others don't.

Broken Systems

Many systems are failing due to chaos but one critical is education. There is a disconnect between the generations and a knowledge loss that can be recovered. This series discusses the gaps and solutions that those within the broken system won't be able to correct because they only know the broken system.