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Sharing Generational Knowledge

Secondary research is using sources like Pew Research. However, Professor Keely has conducted her own Primary research using qualitative observational used in marketing research skills in focus groups or online research. So when she was teaching she was observing students, when she was in the staffing industry, she was observing corporations and workers. She uses her own primary data to bring a different lens when educating corporations and individuals about the differences in the 4-generation workforce that is struggling during the Great Resignation / Vanishing Workforce. Equally, recruitment marketing strategies, per generation, is highlighted based on Professor Keely's award-winning marketing knowledge.

A group of women at a business meeting




Each generation has issues with the other generations. It is the result of parenting and educational changes. These small changes in kids - as complex systems - create chaos. Learning that this has become part of the generational war going on in companies is the key to managing it properly.

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