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Sharing Small Business Entreprenurial Knowledge

Small businesses have been failing for decades, Professor Keely i sintimately aware of this fact because her parents small businesses failed as well. The Small Business Administration have been documenting it for decades. The failure rate is epic and catastrophic because this isn't just the death of a business but the death of someone's dreams and time away from their  families in trying to build and save their futures. This information is shared in Professor Keely's Education Successs Strategies LLC and her Learning Management System for self-directed professional development with certificates.

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Learning & Development

Small businesses typically have no time for education because they are too busy running their businesses! They also need to be putting money back in there company however they need knowledge support to grow their business! So these are low cost educational courses shared by Professor Keely to provide critical knowledge designed to help small businesses succeed. She shares her Fortune 500 insider secrets and knowlege from working in small business. Note* The ESS YouTube channel classes are free and subsidize by advertisers.

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